The Margin Media: An Introductory Note

The Margin Media Pvt. Ltd., established in 2020 with the aim to raise the voice of the people who are socially, culturally, politically, and geographically excluded from the mainstream of the state and whose voice are always subdued, is a media conglomerate that is, through web platforms, determined to disseminate the content indispensably on the principle of accuracy, balance and credibility.

The contents in whatsoever form disseminated in The Margin swathe multiple concerns of the subaltern in relation to that of mainstream with intention to not counter but for shared growth of both. Furthermore, it makes an effort to set a pattern for the future by appealing to both the cultured and intellectual readership as well as mass audience with high moral tone.

The Margin, an issuance of The Margin Media in web platforms, comes up with the varied content in digital newspaper and television   both in English and Nepali language. We would like to grow together with our audience and reader, and with the advertiser accompanying them with their ups and downs.



Media is the fourth organ of a nation, an important function of which is not only to well-inform the mass but also to watchdog the role of the state. We believe that each and every individual of the nation should be in the mainstream of the state. However, it’s not seen in reality. The Margin Media, hence, as a professional and accountable conglomerate, envisions to be the voice of the citizens who have been excluded from the centre. Universal principle of democratic values, human rights and rule of law will always remain at the core of our heart though.  



Our mission is simply to unveil the truth and help the people build up their understanding and to protect the right to freedom of expression of the public not in terms of binary between the centre and the margin but the shared interests of both. We’ll, hence, share the equal platform to the varied perspectives existing in every strata of the society.


Value to the Collaborators/Advertisers

We always strive to co-work and grow together with our collaborators. We achieve our best when we work together and support each other. As our news portal has been inclining to the height of popularity, your products and services would easily reach to the larger audience. We assure you that The Margin is a best-rate credible mean for you to promote your business. 

Having a knot of collaboration with The Margin, more importantly for you, is an opportunity to contribute for a just and equitable society.


Editorial Content

The Margin in the form of talks, interviews, views and reviews covers a whole range of economics, art, literature, Culture, sports, business and politics, at the domestic and international level. Our content will always base on accuracy, balance and credibility so as to promote harmony in the society. Sensational and provocative deliveries always get dejected. Moreover, contemporary global issues like ecology and environment, politics and diplomacy, development and many more will certainly be our regular cups of tea.


Target Audience

Our contents are primarily aimed at the readers of all walks of life. Yet, we intend to raise the voice of those who have been left out of the mainstream of the state. We have contents for children, youth and senior citizens both nationally and internationally, and among Nepalese Diaspora.


Our Advertising Partners

Our advertising partners are both multinational and national corporate houses. All the major banks, industrial and business houses, financial institutions, auto companies, FMCG companies keep their promotional content to get maximum eyeballs in their matter. We equally collaborate with local and small scale business holders as well.


Grow Rich Your Business Advertising with us

Please find our flexible and various advertisement options. We can provide special spaces to your advertisement as per your need. You can also run dynamic or static advertisements with us. You can select pages to advertise as per your products and needs.